The state of the art upgrades increase Dark Slope Studios’ overall pipeline efficiency, cementing their reputation as a leading virtual production partner.


30 MARCH  2021 (TORONTO, ON)Dark Slope Studios, the Toronto-based virtual production and metaverse gaming company, today announces additional enhancements to their virtual production and motion capture production pipeline. The state of the art upgrades increase Dark Slope Studios’ overall pipeline efficiency, cementing their reputation as a leading virtual production partner.

Dark Slope Studios’ new automated take-sync toolkit, dubbed Flex KS, is the latest proprietary pipeline enhancement from the company. Flex KS is an automation tool that interfaces with Dark Slope Studios’ asset management system, automating the processes of capture, storage, and cataloging, removing the potential for human error and optimizing workflow productivity by over 60%. Dark Slope Studios team members dubbed the new tool Kitchen Sync (“KS”), as almost no process was left un-optimized. 

Previously, the company launched its remote directing service, Flex RDS, allowing for live, synchronized, remote direction of motion capture actors. Flex KS and Flex RDS, together with Dark Slopes’s Unreal Engine-driven mocap, facial capture and hand tracking stage in Toronto, form the backbone of the Company’s Flex virtual production pipeline. 

In addition to the launch of Flex KS, Dark Slope’s R&D team is also introducing its upgraded motion tracking system. The integrated system combines optical tracking (using 3D triangulation) with inertial mocap systems (measuring rotational rates) to create smoother, significantly higher quality captures that require next to no clean up.  

Dark Slope Studios is continuing their development on a series of other bespoke pipeline tools and have engaged engineering support from Future House Studios. Additional details to be announced at a later date.

“All of these upgrades are driven by a strong demand for our products and services. We’re continually investing in efficiencies to not only meet the needs of our animation, gaming and metaverse production partners, but to exceed expectations in terms of the quality of work we can deliver.” Dan Fill, President, Dark Slope Studios.

In 2020, Dark Slope Studios shipped the four-person Slugterra Slugslinger VR location based entertainment title, which is now available at over 400 Hologate locations worldwide, as well as the eight-player Scarygirl Mission Maybee title to Zero Latency’s 2000 sq ft game spaces globally. The company also launched a multiplayer Magic Leap exhibition in conjunction with Pukeko Pictures and The Canadian Media Fund that can be delivered and deployed in shipping containers.  Using its virtual production pipeline Dark Slope also produced over three hundred minutes of linear animation with Nickelodeon International, TVOntario, Secret Location (eOne) and Viacom International, amongst others.  Dark Slope is actively looking for partners interested in innovative solutions to television production, multiplayer game development and location based attractions. 

ABOUT DARK SLOPE STUDIOS Founded in 2018, Dark Slope Studios has continued to push the boundaries of multi-sensory entertainment center spectacles, virtual reality experiences, immersive games, and motion capture-driven virtual production for television. From it’s 8000 square foot studio, Dark Slope Studios leverages its warehouse-scale virtual production stage with proprietary pipeline, tools, workflows and game-engine technology in order to bring world class creative properties to life. Based in Toronto, and with a global workforce, Dark Slope Studios combines advanced technologies with compelling storytelling to reimagine the future of entertainment. Visit to learn more. 

Rakhee Sapra