Dark Slope and Immersion Room Collaborate to Bring Revolutionary Virtual Production Solution to Toronto

TORONTO, Canada (February 2, 2023) – Dark Slope and Immersion Room have joined forces to revolutionize virtual production for studios and agencies with their all-in-one solution. The collaboration brings together Dark Slope’s 2000 square foot motion capture stage, its team of game engine artists, technologists, and storytellers together with Immersion Room’s 6500 square foot Toronto studio featuring an 800 square foot LED volume using their leading edge virtual production LED-volume ecosystem.

The Dark Slope and Immersion Room news is a game-changer for the Toronto screen industry, a top five market in North America with limited LED volume studio spaces. It sets the stage for limitless possibilities in TV and film production, advertising content and more. The all-in-one solution leverages best-in-class virtual production technology which allows for essentially any story world, character, and effect to come to life, in real time.

The benefits of this collaboration go beyond the local market, as studios and agencies can also contribute to virtual production sessions remotely through real-time remote collaboration tools. “The combination of Dark Slope’s  powerhouse teams with Immersion Room’s premiere studio facilities enables us to make previously impossible production possible” shares Justin Cathcart, Head of Virtual Production at Dark Slope. “The resulting content output is of the highest broadcast-ready quality, and our proprietary Flex KS Pipeline dramatically improves the efficiency of the production workflow, and even enables remote directing. This efficiency means that these advanced virtual production capabilities are now more accessible and affordable for a wider range of creators. We’re excited to support the growing demand for virtual production in Toronto and beyond.”

The combined workflow resulting from the Dark Slope and Immersion Room collaboration also unlocks opportunities for innovative story creation tools to be developed for the expanding virtual production market. Dark Slope developed its remote-enabled, motion capture and Unreal-engine Flex KS pipeline while working on a production for NBCUniversal, and now other creators will be able to realize its benefits. Immersion Room’s R&D arm restructured LED volume technology to be filmmaker-first and continues to remove restrictions that most filmmakers do not initially expect. This work is enabling the use of tools and techniques that were extremely difficult inside LED volumes in the past, beginning with the use of any camera, and continuing with hand-held, slow-motion, multiple cameras, and more.

I love that moment when our clients realize that their dreams aren’t just possible, but that they can dream bigger. Teaming up with Dark Slope gives me a taste of that too! Together, we’ll do more than ever with motion-capture and real-time rendering for in-camera VFX”, says Immersion Room’s General Manager, Tanya Stemberger. “I’m looking forward to seeing what we do with the tools and skills we have, but I’m especially excited for the inspiration for further innovation our projects will spark. Together, we’ll be finding and smashing barriers to storytelling with Virtual Production.

Dark Slope is an entertainment company with a singular focus to make the impossible – possible. With advanced motion capture and virtual production technologies, Dark Slope develops genre defining television programs and unforgettable immersive games for clients and partners including Dave & Busters, Hasbro, Epic Games, NBCUniversal, Wildbrain, Nickelodeon International, TVOntario, WarnerMedia, Zero Latency and Hologate.  Visit https://site.darkslope.com/ to learn more.

Immersion Room Inc (IR) is a Virtual Production (VP) company with a mission to remove barriers to storytelling with VP by using deep understanding and continuous development of the technology. Immersion Room sells VP technology, VP studio designs and builds, and staffs IR-ecosystem LED-stage studios to provide pre-production and on-set services for VP. The combination of knowledgeable and skilled service staff with a strong R&D team has enabled Immersion Room’s diverse clientele to do more with VP in an LED volume, at price-points that most productions can afford.