Slugterra is a fast paced, competitive, team focused, shooter experience available on the HOLOGATE ARENA VR platform.


01 FEBRUARY 2021 (Toronto, ON) – Dark Slope Studios, the Toronto based virtual production company today announces the release of Slugterra. Based on the animated series, the virtual reality game is now available to play in VR worldwide in partnership with HOLOGATE, the global market leader in immersive location-based entertainment. With more than 400 live turnkey VR systems across 36 countries, Slugterra is set to reach more than 7 million players globally.

Slugterra is a fast paced, competitive, team focused, shooter experience available on the HOLOGATE ARENA VR platform. The compact design enables up to 4 players to effortlessly play within a small footprint of 25m² / 270 ft². Within the competitive arena of the Slugterra universe players use slug-slingers to shoot slugs and seek cover by  jumping from platform to platform in the deep underground. Choosing between Eli the All-Rounder, Trixie the Tactician, Pronto The Rogue, or Kord, The Tank. Each round is 5 minutes long, and the team that scores the most match points at the end of the round is the winner. The game is easy to play but hard to master making it a hit with families and friends looking for a fun game suitable for all ages and all skill levels.

“Slugterra combines all the characteristics that we consider pillars of the work we produce, originality, skill and most importantly, genuine fun. We wouldn’t have been able to create such an engaging experience if it weren’t for the foundation of characters developed by Ken Faier and the Wildbrain team. It is a major milestone for us to have the experience available via Hologate’s Arena platform and for Slugterra to join their already impressive library of games.” Dan Fill, President, Dark Slope Studios

Based on the popular Wildbrain animated television series, Slugterra originally aired on Disney XD and went on to feature 63 episodes across 6 seasons, spawning 5 movies and 80 online “Slugisodes” which have garnered over two billion views on YouTube. In addition, Slugterra’s mobile games have over 45 million downloads. Slugterra joins a number of globally recognized IP’s on Hologate’s award winning arena games library. With Slugterra, HOLOGATE continues its tradition of delivering original and well-known IP in high-quality, full-movement, fun-for-everyone, social-multiplayer, immersive experiences. 

Slugterra is the fourth location based virtual production project Dark Slope Studios has delivered this year. The company is continuing to work on a series of at home spatialized multiplayer activities with additional details to be released later this year. 


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HOLOGATE is the global market leader in immersive location-based entertainment.  Already operating the largest VR network in the world, with more than 400 live turnkey VR systems across 36 countries, and reaching more than 7 Million players, HOLOGATE is expanding its expertise and focus into the next generation of magical, industry-defining, experiences. With new high-end and easy to operate, interactive, social-multiplayer entertainment options being developed, the HOLOGATE brand lineup continues to set the standard for family entertainment centers, cinemas, malls, cruise ships, and any other location that wants to transport their guests into another dimension with the latest entertainment and amusement technology.