The Hyperreality Initiative aims to produce a brand new form of reality television that allows participants to seamlessly travel between real and virtual worlds

The new technology will  help create new formats for established concepts such as competition, dating, and other challenge shows

2nd December 2021 (TORONTO, ON) – Dark Slope Studios, the Toronto-based virtual production and metaverse gaming company, reveals its “Hyperreality Initiative,” the next step in blurring the lines between the real world and virtual worlds for reality television production. 

Every production under the Hyperreality Initiative incorporates game-engine workflows, game mechanics and motion capture to create formats where participants can be immersed in boundaryless virtual worlds for key elements of the show’s narrative. Unscripted television will never be the same as those in any given show travel seamlessly from the real to the virtual world and are empowered to explore relationships, navigate adventures, and endure challenges that they would never otherwise have the chance to experience.

“Virtual production is the next logical step in entertainment and we’re taking it further with a highly skilled game-engine team armed with tools to apply the Hyperreality Initiative’s core concepts to a truly broad list of television show genres, especially in the unscripted category,” said Dan Fill, President, Dark Slope Studios. “We view the Hyperreality Initiative as a nearly limitless opportunity for bringing audiences highly engaging television that breaches creative boundaries previously limited by traditional production techniques – our technology completely melts away those boundaries and leaves us wide open to do just about anything in television production.”

Dark Slope is positioned to drive the new Hyperreality genre to the next level utilizing its expertise and advanced technology including:

  • Virtual Production Studio –  Dark Slope works out of its virtual production studio in Toronto, Canada, equipped with warehouse-scale inertial and optical motion tracking, greenscreens, game-engine pipeline and more
  • Flex KS © Pipeline –  Our Flex Kitchen Synch pipeline allows for remote direction, real time pre-viz, unlimited camera positions and more. 
  • Virtual Avatar Creator –  Participants or producers can choose or create a virtual avatar with endless possibilities. Avatars are a blank slate for creativity that let participants express themselves for others on-screen and viewers at home.
  • Camera, hand, object and face tracking – Dark Slope’s integrated tracking technology allows our creatives more control to manipulate and recreate real-world movement and produce authentic interactions within the digital world.  
  • Advanced Haptics – Show participants can “feel” real feedback while in the digital world via torso, hand and environmental haptic feedback. This feedback adds to realism and creates authentic participant reactions. 

Combining all of these virtual production tools with unscripted television brings countless creative opportunities and opens Hyperreality production up to as many genres as possible.

Since 2018 Dark Slope Studios has helped define new categories of entertainment using spatial computing and virtual production technologies.  Dark Slope creates and produces virtual production-driven reality television series, motion-capture based real-time animated content, entertainment center spectacles, virtual reality experiences and immersive games. Dark Slope Studios leverages its warehouse-scale virtual production stage with a proprietary pipeline, tools, workflows and game-engine technology to bring world class creative properties to life. Dark Slope Studios is at the forefront of digital universe design, building interactive entertainment experiences with its work on metaverse development. Based in Toronto, and with a global workforce, Dark Slope Studios combines advanced technologies with compelling storytelling to reimagine the future of entertainment. Visit to learn more.  

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