The independent content studio is offering dynamic production solutions and leading the charge in the emerging space of virtual production. Its current projects and capabilities being showcased at MIPCOM were all developed in-house at Dark Slope’s motion capture facility in Toronto.

TORONTO – Oct. 1, 2019 – Dark Slope, a real-time development studio, is showcasing its  innovative production capabilities in the emerging area of virtual production at MIPCOM 2019. Dark Slope is employing cost-effective and time saving production technologies to generate compelling animated, immersive, and multi-user experiences for partners including Epic Story Media, Wildbrain (formerly DHX), Nickelodeon International and TVOKids.

Dark Slope combines best-in-class motion capture, facial tracking middleware and the power of real-time rendering fuelled by the Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, to create highly stylized animated content featuring lip sync, unlimited camera movements, particle effects, lighting treatments, rendering and more – all in real time. Its current projects and capabilities being showcased at MIPCOM were all developed in-house at Dark Slope’s motion capture facility in Toronto.

“The ability to work in real time, create environment and stories with 3D content, leave much room for the imagination of production companies,” said David Hurtubise, Technical Account Manager, Epic Games. “We are proud to count Dark Slope among the pioneers of virtual production and tool developers for the LBE, media and entertainment industries.”

Dark Slope’s advanced production capabilities range from end to end animation series and film production to previsualization, 3D digital sets and virtual reality animation. The studio can also take assets from previous projects produced in a traditional CGI production pipeline and adapt the assets to fit a virtual production pipeline. With virtual production Dark Slope brings quicker and more cost-effective solutions to traditional production while opening up new creative opportunities. 

Dark Slope is eager to reveal its capabilities and creative prowess to the global entertainment content industry at MIPCOM in Cannes, France from Oct. 14-17, where the company’s COO and Head of Development, Dan Fill, will be on-hand with more details, and in search of potential partners interested in exploring new forms of animation that combine real-time rendering, facial capture and motion tracking. To schedule a time please reach out to solutions@darkslope‍.com.

About Dark Slope Studios

Dark Slope is a real time content producer pushing the boundaries of virtual production. Dark Slope is dedicated to creativity and innovation utilizing game engine technology and motion tracked data to deliver the next generation of animated, immersive and multi-user experiences for global audiences. Visit www.darkslope‍.com for more information.